This week, as usual, has been quite hectic for the 3D printing market… between events and announcements of new products, there’s always a lot to say. Let’s try to summarize this in a few lines.

First the events …

Three main events marked the week. The Rapid TCT+ three day event which took place in Texas. It is also one of the largest events dedicated to additive manufacturing, the Hannover Fair in Germany, one of the most advanced European countries in additive manufacturing and the “Salone del Mobile Design” in Milan.

What do we get from Rapid TCT +?

Well, Ultimaker made a real splash with its latest S5 printer. We also note that the Dutch manufacturer is getting closer to the world of industrial 3D printing … Will it stop being the favorite of users of professional 3D printers? Open debate … The 3D printer was also presented at the Hanover Fair.The Belgian Solvay has made its real entrance into the market of 3D printing with polymer materials. It seemed like the challenge launched by the chemistry specialist a few months ago was a way to test the waters. We finally welcome the company with open arms.

On the maker side, M3D wants to break the market record with a 3D printer that has 50,000 shades of colors under $500. So far, many of us had in mind the davinci color of XYZ Printing …

And finally the manufacturers that have left us speechless lately: Stratasys, EnvisionTEC, GlowForge, Optomec and MakerGear at first; EOS, Roboze, Prodways and 3D Systems, then DWS Systems, XYZ Printing and GE Additive, and Digital Metal, Titan Robotics and Keene Village.What is remembered from the Hannover Fair?

Hannover has seen many assortments of 3D printing, which comes to no surprise as the exhibition increasingly draws the attention of 3D printing companies.

Fraunhofer IAPT unveils for the automotive industry a 3D printed titanium brake clipper, fully functional and very large, for Bugatti.Another cutting-edge technology that was exhibited at the event was European x-ray Free Electron Laser, which is described to be the largest x-ray laser. SAP also takes this opportunity as Hannover, Germany to unveil its latest accomplishment, Sap Digital Manufacturing Cloud.SAP’s new offering is a solution to help companies achieve its highest performance level, increase the quality and efficiency of production all the while ensuring safety for workers. Formlabs is said to be collaborating with the company SAP to develop this Digital Manufacturing project.

What we finally remember about the Milan overview?

Well Milan has sparked creativity and originality. Remember two things: Actual presented a 3D printed floor and we discovered a 3D printed house that could be moved.

For the announcements

This week, TreeD captivated the canvas with its filament PNEUMATIQUE, made from recycled rubber tires.

And researchers at the University of Minnesota gave us goosebumps (we reluctantly admit it) by showing that it was possible to 3D print the electronics on a real hand.

Finally, the opinion of the week

This time, Tomasz Szymański, CEO of Verashape, did us the honor of presenting his company and launching its open innovation program.

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Being able to communicate through various social platforms has always been a passion of mine, and therefore being able to do so for an industry that is continuously evolving is very exciting. It is with much pleasure to inform the world of the various things 3D Printing can offer it, as well as share my personal insights when acceptable.


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