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Published by 3DA Solutions, 3D ADEPT Media is a trade press that tracks and analyses the latest trends in the additive manufacturing industry. As a source for high-quality, accurate, and timely additive manufacturing resources, we pride ourselves on delivering up-to-date information you can rely on through our online media and our print & interactive digital magazine 3D ADEPT Mag.

All publications of 3D ADEPT Media and all formats have been recognized by the ISSN Portal:

  • 3D ADEPT Mag – English & print version: ISSN-2736-6634
  • 3D ADEPT Mag – French & print version: ISSN-2736-6626
  • 3D ADEPT Media – 3dadept.com – Online media – English version: ISSN-2736-6650
  • 3D ADEPT Media – https://3dadept.com/fr/ – Online media – French version: ISSN-2736-6642

We love to think that this industry delivers “glocalized” manufacturing solutions to industries (in a nutshell, solutions that are both global and local). That is why we work with collaborators and partners across the world so that industries can easily identify the manufacturing path that best fits their needs.

This global reach allows for an in-depth coverage of various geographical markets, be it in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania or Africa. This means that, whether they are advanced adopters or newcomers to AM, our readers are in the right place to find market insights that matter.

Our online media

On a daily basis, our editors provide readers with additive manufacturing news, reports, and analyses of the industry. To navigate through this wealth of information, we have defined a list of sections and sub-sections that could help you find what is important to you.

Our homepage sheds light on a selection of industry news, market dynamics, AM applications in a wide range of fields, the Opinion of the Week, the magazine and exclusive features.

Industry news include but are not limited to content related to 3D printers, Metal AM, Software, Materials, Research, 3D Scanning, Post-processing, Inspection & Services.

The “market dynamics” segment highlights the current trends of the industry and the way they help advance the market & AM businesses. They include for instance analyses and information related to sustainability & circular economy, climate change, business & culture, fundings, acquisitions, distribution, education & nominations.

Under the « Adoption of AM » segment, we find the various applications that have been achieved thanks to AM in transport, heavy industries, medical & healthcare, research, consumer & creative industries, but also in sport, high-Tech & entertainment sectors.

The Opinion of the Week consists in a series of interviews written by 3D ADEPT Media Team. Each interview discusses a specific topic of the industry while laying emphasis on a company’s sector of activity.

Exclusive features are guides that help users demystify the complexities of AM technologies. They are first published in the print & digital magazine and provide a thoroughly understanding of a segment, a challenge, or an AM technology.


Every two months, we invite a specific number of companies to discuss various challenges encountered by professionals of the industry in an issue of 3D ADEPT Mag. Available in print and digital & interactive version, the magazine discusses the ins and outs of a topic while delivering a guide of everything you should know about that specific topic. It also spotlights a leading vertical market of the additive manufacturing industry, forecasts the business potential for companies and provides exclusive segment-specific case studies.

The print magazine is distributed free of charge in events where 3D ADEPT Media is a media partner. The digital & interactive version is sent to our subscribers in an emailing and remains available on the “Magazine” section of the online media.

Newsletter & Calendar

Once per week, we send though a newsletter, a recap of news and analyses you should miss. For those who have missed the latest 3D ADEPT Mag, this weekly newsletter always includes a link to the latest issue of 3D ADEPT Mag to date.

Last but not least, our online calendar features all AM events that we think you should attend.

Do you want to know more about us or our services? Get in touch with us by emailcontact@3dadept.com.