About us

3D Adept is the reference communication company dedicated to 3D Technology.

We are the first Belgian media company which aims at providing the latest trends and analysis in the 3D printing industry. Through our media (online media and print magazine), we enable companies specialized in 3D technology and companies which manufacture their products using 3D technology to communicate on their activities and products and reach a target audience.

Through our media, we provide:

  • Insightful and original articles to a worldwide audience
  • Communication and marketing services to companies specialized in the 3D printing industry
  • Testing of 3D printers and 3D scanners.  Our target audiences are always looking for good 3D printers and 3D scanners whose performances have already been checked by experienced professionals. Our engineering department provides testing which enable professionals to discover and know more about specific 3D printers and 3D scanners.
  • The Fab Lab corner: enables Fabs Labs all over the world to communicate on their activities and projects. 3D Adept allows Fab Labs’ users to get more visibility through the publication of their creation(s) on the one hand; on the other hand, communicate on the specific projects they carried out. A directory allows any user looking for a Fab Lab active in 3D printing to discover the Fab Labs present in a given geographical area.

3D Adept, the communication expert in the 3D Printing industry!

We believe that 3D printing is a technology that has a major impact and will keep impacting a wide range of sectors, hence the importance for companies to choose the right communication partner.

That’s why 3D Adept is also the partner of companies specialized in the 3D printing industry or companies using 3D technology to provide their services. We play the role of a specialized communication agency by helping them to add value for their clients/customers by arousing engagement from target audiences.

In that sense, we support companies in expanding their services in the EMEA region by building a strategic communication roadmap, by extending their media reach (through media planning, press relations, events) or creating & implementing advertising campaigns.

If you are looking for the right partner who knows the 3D printing industry, send us an email to contact@3dadept.com  and let’s discuss our collaboration!