Aectual impresses visitors at the Salone del Mobile in Milan with its 3D printed floor

In October, we were talking about Amsterdam-based company, Aectual that should 3D print a floor for Amterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Until today, the company is showcasing its range of floors fabricated using 3D printing technology at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Speaking about the technology, CEO Hans Vermeulen, affirms it “gives designers complete design freedom”, and enables clients to customize “spectacular floors in, for instance, a hotel lobby, or for a striking retail brand”.

As a reminder, the floors are made with an industrial XL 3D print technology and consist in 3D printed patterns that are finished with a bio-binder terrazzo, a material based on linseed developed in collaboration with Henkel.” It contains chips of marble, quartz, granite and glass.

The company’s robot has a variety of choices in its moves: forwards and back, up and down, left and right… It can even move between these three axes.

Last, we are facing a sustainable approach in the creation of the floor. A resistant recyclable bioplastic material is used to print the floor. Once the mould is transported to its place, professionals filled it with terrazzo. Coating is thereafter made on site. The goal of the company is to create little to no waste.

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