Top Stories at Rapid TCT+: You will be amazed by new 3D printers and new filaments – M3D, Digital Metal, Titan Robotics & Keene Village Plastics

It’s been 3 days that companies showcase their new products, improvements in their products and maybe sign partnerships. Today, you will probably be amazed (or not) by some of the revelations.

In terms of 3D printers intended for professionals and the mass public, M3D has unveiled Crane Quad 3D Printer, a desktop 3D printer that can print multi-colored objects and that costs less than 500$.

The company realized that FDM 3D printers are often limited to extruding with one material at a time, which implies complex hardware modifications or to guide different materials between layers to get a few colors in the print.

The Crane Quad 3D printer addresses this issue with more than 50,000 colors. They can mix up to four colors of standard 1.75 mm filament. “The base colors needed are CMYK: cyan, magenta and yellow with black, white or transparent as keys. In addition, Crane Quad allows users to print objects in any single color without the cost of owning dozens of traditional filament spools and allows the physical characteristics of different materials to be fused into a single object with new properties.

Technically speaking, the 3D printer integrates an all-new QuadFusionTM 3D Print Head, which enables to print and blend four filament colors. This direct-drive extruder can mix both colors and material type of most 1.75 mm filaments. The head is equipped with four motors, three fans, and a 0.35 mm mixing nozzle.

Digital Metal and its 3D metal printer

For the first time at a show in the US, Digital Metal showcases its 3D metal printer: DM P2500.

The 3D printer distinguishes itself from others of the same range through its Digital Metal’s binder jetting method. Indeed, the components are printed and sintered instead of being melted together with lasers, providing superior resolution and detail accuracy. Furthermore, the production speed is significantly higher than other 3D printing technologies.

The ancillary equipment required is provided with each machine, as well as introductory and ongoing training and support to customers.

Titan Robotics has unveiled a new industrial 3D printer

The founder and CEO was announcing new launches in his interview last year and the promise has been kept! In addition to live demonstrations of the Atlas, the manufacturer has unveiled the Yaskawa 3D printer which can print at speeds reaching up to 5Gs acceleration. Manufactured in collaboration with Yaskawa America, the printer can achieve a fast printing speed of 350 millimeters per second. When moving between print events, the print head can travel between two precise points at a remarkable one meter per second.

Last, the line of eco-friendly ABS, PETG & Performance rPET 3D filaments

This line is the result of a collaboration between KVP and 3D Printlife. This line has been created under the product line N-Vire™. N-Vire BioABS, N-Vire BioPETG, N-Vire BioPrPET are the product names.

Bonding 3D Printlife’s bio additive to KVP’s ABS, PETG and Performance rPET allows landfill bacteria to consume it and convert it to CO2.

One thing we appreciate is that Keene Village Plastics will donate a portion of the proceeds from every spool sold to environmental charity to plant a tree to contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact of 3D printing.

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