Clay Guillory, Founder & CEO of Titan Robotics, “3D printing has the ability to disrupt all forms of manufacturing”

Titan Robotics, a true “game changer” in additive manufacturing

From a hobby to a business, what triggers Titan Robotics’ founder, Clay Guillory in 3D printing is his will to bring a significant contribution to others’ lives.

Beyond its support to improve lives of people with physical disabilities, Titan Robotics positions itself as a true “game changer” for many manufacturers.

Clay Guillory, founder and CEO of Titan Robotics, today unveils a bit more about the company.

Tell us more about Titan Robotics

We help companies worldwide to improve their manufacturing process and production by using 3D printing.

We build large-format industrial machines. We make them individual to each customer. Once people have their specifications, we designed the machines for them.

We also have standard models which are high end industrial machines. They are custom made to order.

We have developed a pellet extrusion technology. Compatible with all of Titan’s Atlas 3D printers’ models, it takes raw injection molding plastic pellets and extrudes them at high rates to print upwards of 10lbs/hr. (4.5 kg/h).

We also created the first multi-gantry FFF style 3D printer that can be fitted with multiple tool heads. That’s a very large format machine. It has 5 different print-heads to allow faster manufacturing of large, complex parts with high details… The 3D technology distributes tool paths between the multiple print heads like a work in a team… 

What type of companies buy your printers?

Companies that are specialized in research and development, medical field… other manufacturers, electronics and software companies, architecture, industries ‘manufacturing …so many…

Which sector has the highest demand?

The manufacturing market is the majority of our current prospects. Creating end use parts for production is where the highest demand is currently. 

Tell us more about your flagship product

The Atlas. It’s a standard, large format machine. Its smallest size is 30″X x 30″Y x 45″Z, with larger standard models available.

It can be used as an open-air machine or with a personalized heat enclosure. With the Atlas, we can print in high temperature plastics such as ABS and PC+PBT.

Atlas – inside enclosure

So, what do you think about the 3D printing market in general?

It still has to prove itself to grow but there is a potential.

In general, I think 3D printing has the ability to disrupt all forms of manufacturing. With 3D Printing, the revolution will start. When people will think at it as a production method, things will change drastically.

You offer your services abroad as it was the case in Nigeria; is the international more interesting than the USA market?

We are very interested in the international market We have machines in Africa, we are going to bring another one in Australia…We are working on an international marketing strategy to continue to sell machines worldwide. We are trying to set ourselves as leader in large-format.

Is there any big challenge you faced in the manufacturing of 3D printers?

We are constantly innovating and improving our product daily. Everyday challenges us to find the next breakthrough in 3D Printing and how to improve our machines to be the highest quality material extrusion based 3D Printers in the world. 

During the past three years (if I am not mistaken), Titan Robotics launched a new printer every year. For 2018, could we expect a new product to be introduced in the market?

We are going to release a new machine very soon… #Staytuned

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