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This new edition of 3D ADEPT Mag is a reminder that sometimes, real-life principles can unconsciously be applied to manufacturing concepts. Some people often seek drastic changes or new beginnings, believing that only the new can bring fulfillment and success, yet true growth and improvement often lie in refining and optimizing the aspects of our lives that we already possess.

In the manufacturing world where the allure of AM technologies overshadows what already exists, long-time existing processes can help refine and enhance production processes. This May/June edition of 3D ADEPT Mag ambitions to assess the foundation of previous efforts (hear “technologies”) and determine what strengths could be leveraged to deliver better 3D printed parts.

Exclusive features

DOSSIER | The importance of lasers in AM machines

The key to achieving product quality and increased productivity in manufacturing often comes down to the type of lasers the 3D printer is equipped with. Interestingly, different AM processes require different types of lasers. This dossier aims to shed light on important laser parameters relevant to AM and highlights specific considerations for selecting the ideal lasers for one’s AM equipment. With key contributions from nLIGHT and Novanta.

FOCUS | Thermwood’s LSAM: What are the key factors of success?

While the constant comparison between Large Format Additive Manufacturing (LFAM) and desktop 3D printing processes is often inevitable, one must also keep in mind that LFAM comes in many shapes and each of these approaches requires its recipe for success. A conversation with Thermwood’s Scott Vaal helps us understand some of the key elements of success with the LSAM technology.

Software: The imperative of cybersecurity in Additive Manufacturing 

With insights from Mark Yampolskiy from Auburn University, this article discusses the gap between assessing the potential impact of AM-specific cybersecurity concerns and what can be done about that.

Software | Insights into key 3D printing file formats

Just like there are languages different populations can speak, there are 3D printing file formats some 3D printers can process even if they are powered by different technologies. This article provides insights into key 3D printing file formats and how they are used.

Startup Area | Foundry Lab: “Mom was wrong. You should put metal in the microwave; it won’t go bang!”

“Making casting using 3D printed molds.” Foundry Lab’s CEO David Moodie shares their story.

Expert column | Materials

Additive Manufacturing Solutions Ltd. creates sustainable and secure titanium supply.

Interview of the Month | The different ways AM connects to (CNC) machining

It just takes some solid experience to identify the different ways Additive Manufacturing and machining affect one another and how one can make the most out of them. The example of M&H CNC Technik GmbH.

Business | Theory meets Practice: Legal Challenges of Additive Manufacturing in the After-Sales Market

This article navigates these issues, offering a legal assessment for practitioners, and bridging the gap between theoretical potential and practical implementation of AM in business contexts. Written by Dr. Flüchter, Fabian*; Kabelitz-Bock, Robin**; Tann, Felix*.

  • *Bucerius Law School, Hamburg, Germany
  • **Kühne Logistics University, Hamburg, Germany


RAPID + TCT 2024 executive perspectives keynote series announced

Materials Development in AM.

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