The world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology commenced on April 23rd, 2018 and it felt a lot more like home for a lot of companies, especially Germany-based companies who unveiled two special projects to the public.

Hamburg-based company, Fraunhofer IAPT, revealed to the public a caliper, but it is not an ordinary caliper. The automotive industry has been gifted with a 3D printed titanium brake clipper. This brake clipper is very large and fully functional, and was manufactured for Bugatti. This is a great step for Bugatti as this signifies a step towards cutting edge technology and innovation for the “super sports cars”.European XFEL, Germany company, has exhibited its European X-Ray Free Electron Laser – said to be the largest x-ray laser. The cutting edge technology is said to “generate extremely intense x-ray laser flashes and is used by numerous international researches”. What a great day for both German based company – to be at the forefront of technology at their home event.SAP, company specialising in application software, also participates in the event held in Hannover, Germany by introducing to the public SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud. The unveiling of this new offering means SAP is able to provide new solutions to companies in need of optimal performance, high production of quality and efficiency, as well as guaranteeing work safety. Manufacturers who are already familiar with Industry 4.0 technologies are able to deploy this into the cloud.

This new solution is an extension of digital manufacturing and can be used in various organisations within their respective industry. Bernd Leukert explains that, “manufacturers in the era of Industry 4.0 require solutions that are intelligent, networked and predictive.” The Digital Manufacturing Cloud includes; SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Execution, SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Insights, Predictive quality and Manufacturing network. One other thing to note at the Hannover Messe 2018 is SAP’s announcement of the SAP Connected Worker Safety. The intent of this solution is to help reduce the risks, costs and protect employees.


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