Women in 3D Printing releases its 2020 Diversity for Additive Manufacturing report

Image via Gerd Altmann de Pixabay

A Special Edition on Diversity & Inclusion

A few weeks ago, Women in 3D Printing launched a call for collaboration so that any stakeholder in the additive manufacturing industry joins the conversation in the 2020 Diversity for Additive Manufacturing Report.  

This 2020 special edition is unique as it goes beyond the simple goal of improving gender parity. It highlights an issue that is often treated as a PR crisis that needs to be overcome because a strong wind threatens the ordinary course of business: diversity and inclusion.

As pointed out in the report, this is a long-standing issue which arouses various emotions, as over the years and more recently during the past months, technologies that are now rooted in our daily lives increasingly reveal inequalities faced by people from minority groups to the world.

I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity of having worked closely with Nora Toure, Sarah Goehrke & Erika Jefferson, as part of this special edition

This special issue means a lot to me, as I have had the opportunity to lead such an important topic for the additive manufacturing industry, a topic that might change today’s workforce and work environment. Indeed, if the fight for equal opportunity and equal treatment is a legitimate struggle for women, that fight can be harder for people of color (POC) and minority groups in general.

In this vein, when I agreed to lead this special edition of the Diversity for Additive Manufacturing report, I did not expect to learn so much from industry representatives, to connect with other amazing women and to be inspired about the right steps that can be taken to enable inclusion and create a more diverse industry.
More importantly, when I agreed to lead this report, my ultimate goal behind this perspective was to fill the gap between words and deeds, and make this report the beginning of a long series of actions, which will create a more diverse industry
”, Kety SINDZE, Managing Editor at 3D ADEPT Media states.

The report is based on two main surveys: the first one was designed for recruitment companies, and was meant to determine if the lack of minority groups’ representation in the AM sphere is due to an absence of people or a limited number of candidates in target groups.

AM companies took part in the second survey, that aimed at discovering existing actions implemented by companies in their workplace to enable inclusion, and determine key actionable takeaways that should be considered to create a more diverse and inclusive industry.

The report is now freely downloadable on WI3DP’s website. When you will read this report, I sincerely hope you will keep in mind one single question or at least find initial answers to a single question: What part should [I] play as an AM innovator?

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