Take Part in Women in 3D Printing’s next DfAM report

 Women in 3D Printing (WI3DP) is working on a special edition of the DfAM report. The DfAM report (short for Diversity for Additive Manufacturing) aims to study more closely the shape of diversity in the 3D printing industry.

The current sociopolitical climate has led many people to question their understanding of systemic racism and many companies to stand for equity.  Statements have been issued from various organizations, and leaders including Nora Touré, the founder of WI3DP.

Beyond these statements, it is crucial today more than ever, to explore new ways to strengthen the 3D Printing industry, hence the importance of this special edition of the DfAM report.

The first three editions have been written by Sarah Goehrke, Managing Editor at Fabbaloo and Founder of Additive Integrity. Sarah combined objective data about the state of the industry when it comes to diversity, personal insights from the Women in 3D Printing team as well as her opinion on the shape of diversity in the 3D printing industry. Sarah’s words never fall on deaf ears and her point of view has helped more than one in this industry.

This year, I am joining the team to share a different perspective. I am humbled and thrilled by this opportunity to work with brilliant industry experts such as Sarah and Nora. My hope is to make this report the beginning of a long series of actions which will create a more diverse industry.

To achieve this goal, we need YOU, as a company, or as an individual.

As Nora said: “whether or not you already have actions and policies in place in your workplace to enable inclusion, we would love to hear from you in this short survey. If you are an individual who has a story to share about diversity and inclusiveness (positive or not), know that you’ll find a safe place to do so in talking to either Sarah Goehrke, Kety Sindze, or myself. You can decide if you’d want to make your story public or anonymous, but again, we will listen to you.”

Our ultimate goal is to understand the shape of diversity within this industry and bring out actionable takeaways that would help this industry move forward. Collaborations have always been the enabler of the 3D Printing industry’s development. This is a call for collaboration.

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