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China is acknowledged as the largest electronics market in the world. It is with good reason that 3D printed electronics specialists such as Optomec and Nano Dimension seized the opportunity offered by this market.

However, when it comes to FFF 3D Printing, one way to combine this technology with electronics is by integrating appropriate materials. The latter need to be ESD safe to ensure electronics manufacturing.

As part of its Material Alliance Program (MAP), Ultimaker aims to collaborate with various companies to develop the choice of materials and applications for FFF 3D printing in the electronics industry.  EssentiumeSUN, and Polymaker have joined this program to support the manufacturer in this mission.

In this group, Polymaker is the material producer that already has extensive experience in Material partnerships. The company launched its Printer Manufacturers Partnership Program (PMPP) last year to provide tailor-made solutions to industrials.

eSUN on its side is known for its biodegradable polymers. The manufacturer will bring material print profiles of PETG, ePA-CF, and HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) to the MAP since it enables to “speed up the development of eco-friendly 3D printed products by using renewable resources.”

Indeed, by making print profiles in the Ultimaker Marketplace available with these properties, engineers and designers in the electronics industry can benefit immediately from the ease of use of desktop 3D printing.

Dr. Blake Teipel, CEO Essentium said regarding this partnership that: “At Essentium we are committed to creating industrial solutions for the world’s top manufacturers and bridging the gap between 3D printing and machining. We have partnered with BASF, the world’s largest chemical producer, to create the Ultrafuse-Z line, which is a series of ESD safe filaments that are powered by Essentium. We offer material print profiles for Ultrafuse-Z PCTG in the Ultimaker Marketplace, an industrial grade filament that is specifically formulated to be ESD safe.”

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