Optomec will unveil Aerosol Jet 3D Printers for Flexible Circuits and Sensors at the International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics (ICFPE) 2017 in September 4-7 in Jeju Island.

The supplier of production grade additive manufacturing systems for 3D printed electronics will explain how sensors can be 3D printed and flexible substrates thanks to a range of conductive metal and resistive materials. Pascal Pierra, spokesperson at the conference will give more details on Aerosol Jet and the use of 3D Printing.

Aerosol Jet is an ideal printing tool for precision deposition of polymeric and metal inks for sensors. The process is a non-contact, high resolution printing technology that is compatible with a wide range of conductive, insulating and resistive materials.

More explanations will be given on the functionality of printed strain gauges and thermocouple sensors in terms of robustness with flexing, thermal coefficients, resistance stability, gauge performance and thermocouple Seebeck coefficient.

A few words on ICFPE

The International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics (ICFPE) focuses on challenges and emerging applications in printing processes, materials and devices. This year, the 8th ICFPE is jointly organized by the Korea Printed Electronics Association (KoPEA), with support from Organic Electronics Association (OE-A), research groups in Japan, Taiwan and China. Many leading scientists and engineers from Asia, Europe, and the USA will present relevant and up-to-date overviews of current developments in this field.


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