SLM Solutions and Identify3D have expanded their collaboration to secure intellectual property for its metal additive manufacturing process chain.

In a recent Opinion of The Week, Aslan Shirazian from Grow Software explained that Intellectual Property remains a critical issue in demanding industries because it raises concerns at the design stage and the manufacturing process.

Since SLM is looking towards the future of metal AM, it becomes crucial to tackle this issue at the production level. The manufacturer of selective laser melting machineswill therefore integrate Integrity3D’s modules to protect, manage, enforce and trace data between design and creation on its systems.

SLM Solutions recognizes the trend as additive transforms manufacturing into a digital workflow,” said Dr. Gereon Heinemann, CTO of SLM Solutions Group AG. “By working together with Identify3D, we aim to offer users not only robust manufacturing systems, but a strategy to integrate both security and traceability which are essential elements to production manufacturing processes.”

The use of Identify3D will enable users of SLM 3D printing systems to trace their designs through encrypted files that will secure data. The software will also enable transparency and gives accurate information on the user of each file. Qualified processes are locked to limit operator error and ensure compliance, repeatability and quality control.

Identify3D on its side is building a certain reputation in the industry by providing big players with its services. So far, the software company has already partnered with Materialise and 3YOURMIND to secure their platforms.

Stephan Thomas, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Identify3D stated: “Identify3D software integrates into users’ current workflows but offers a new level of process security. Manufacturers can implement different strategies to limit the number of times a part can be printed, set an expiration date on the design and automatically delete files from machines after a build. Validity checks allow an audit of their design throughout the selective laser melting process.”

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