3YOURMIND and Identify3D have decided to provide their clients a secure end-to-end 3D production system. That’s why, the Identify3D technology suite will be integrated into the Enterprise Platform of 3YOURMIND.

Both partners rely on an enhanced IP protection to provide all stages of AM workflows via the 3YOURMIND platforms.

An integration in two stages

First of all, the integration of Identify3D ProtectTM will be done within the standard AM workflow. The integration will specifically be made to the file verification, ordering and management processes.

Speaking about security, an encryption-at-rest solution will enable to secure data during production.   “3D models that are securely uploaded to 3YOURMIND will be processed as an encrypted digital supply item (DSI). Identify3D ProtectTM creates a private DSI section with fully encrypted intellectual property and a public DSI section, which includes the minimum effective data dose for being processed over the 3YOURMIND platforms.”

During the second phase, files will be directed through the platform to AM systems that integrate Identify3D EnforceTM. . EOS, SLM, Materialise and Renishaw are some of the industrials that already exploit the solution.

According to both companies, “the user has full control of how many of each part can be printed, in which material and at which location, thereby providing the digital “paper trail” required in enterprise-level production.”

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