3YOURMIND opens an office in France to support the growth of its 3D printing industry. France has a strong positioning in the global market regarding the aerospace, automotive, construction and medical industries. Over the past 2 years, French companies have increasingly adopted 3D printing as part of their production cycle.

3YOURMIND, aware of the potential of the market aims to intensify the support of their French customers and provide its software to expand its offering to French companies.

France has been a pioneer in additive manufacturing with the first patents issued in the 1980’s. As companies shift to industrial 3D production, 3YOURMIND’s platforms are a much welcome foundation to ensure smooth growth for France as they increase production efficiency and maintain their position within global manufacturing”, said Alexandre Donnadieu, Business Development Manager – France, 3YOURMIND.


3YOURMIND provides software solutions for additive manufacturing. In 2017, the Berlin-based company raised €10M to take industrial 3D printing to the next level.

The company’s platforms connect departments throughout large organizations and distributed production facilities on a single digital platform.

3D printing in France

Several government initiatives enable to foster the adoption of additive manufacturing as part of the production cycles of companies. The French manufacturing sector already represents 5.1% of the world’s AM market. In the 3D production landscape, AM companies like Prodways, Poly-shape, Sculpteo, AddUp, BeAM, Prismadd lead the market.

However, the speed of adoption and the new workflow paradigms required for additive manufacturing have left many companies struggling to implement the technology in a way that realizes the cost and production advantages. There is a clear need for systems to structure the design-to-production processes and guide the shift of the companies into the new technology.

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