BeAM Machines unveils the Modulo 400 Industrial DED Machine

BeAM Machines, the supplier of DED (Directed Energy Deposition) solutions introduced their new Modulo 400 machine at formnext.

The machine integrates peripherals based upon feedback from our customers. The fact is that with Traditional DED systems, a great amount of floor place is required since they need to incorporate the secondary equipment (laser, chiller, fume extractor, etc.), as well as the machine base outside the machine envelope.

According to Tim Bell, General Manager of BeAM Machines, Inc., “ the Modulo 400 fully integrates all required peripherals into the machine cabinet, significantly reducing the total required amount of floor space.

Among other interesting features, one can cite the machine’s portability. Indeed, it is really easy to transport and carry out operations in remote locations such as offshore oil rigs or military conflict zones because the technological system perfectly fits inside a shipping container or traditional box truck.

Capable of operating every day, Bell adds that “the Modulo 400 is offered with BeAM’s standard suite of options including a 2kW fiber laser, fully controlled atmosphere system, multiple deposition heads, touch trigger probe, and even a light duty milling spindle for dry machining.

Last, once installed, the Modulo 400 can function with an electrical connection and a supply of argon gas. Included in the service, an AM technician trained by the supplier.

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  1. June 18, 2018

    […] 3D printing process dedicated to the production of large parts and the repair market. Remember the Modulo 400 machine unveiled at Formnext last year. The 3D printing system integrates a 2kW fiber laser, fully controlled […]

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