From 11am-8pm on August 31st at 5101 Creek Road in Blue Ash, participants will experience live demonstrations of BeAM’s flagship machine, the Magic 2.0, and do a guided tour of the site.

The 20,000 sq. ft. facility (1858.06m2) is intended for additive manufacturing workspace, metallurgical lab, applications training facility, assembly area as well as post process machining department.

According to Tim Bell, General Manager of BeAM Machines, Inc., they “chose Blue Ash as the location for [their] facility because it is the largest suburban employment center in greater Cincinnati with nearly 40,000 jobs. Additionally, it is centrally located to the major highways, is approximately 30 minutes to the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky International Airport and is populated with a very high concentration of potential customers and suppliers.”

BeAM Machines

BeAM machines are manufactured with DED (directed energy deposition) and computer numeric control (CNC). DED feeds  the metallic powder through a deposition nozzle and melts it with a high power laser. The aim is to obtain a layer-by-layer construction  with precision controlled by the CNC.

Machines could be used with a wide range of materials:  stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloys and cobalt chromium. They could manufacture and repair parts in numerous industries such as aerospace, defense, nuclear and oil & gas.

As far as machine solutions are concerned, they include the Mobile, a small scale 5 axis machine, the Magic 2.0, a large scale 5 axis machine intended for serial production or even  the new Modulo, a medium scale fully integrated 5 axis serial production machine dedicated to constrained space environments.

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