PA6-12T, first major milestone of Prodways and A. Schulman’s partnership for 3D printing

Less than 12 months after the signature of their collaboration, Prodways and A. Schulman launch PA612-GB 3800, the first PA6-12T plastic powder on the 3D printing laser sintering market, a first major milestone in this collaboration.

Both partners open up by this way new possibilities for the 3D printing of high performance plastic parts that are usually made of injected plastic or metal. An innovation which will particularly benefit the aviation, automotive and rail industries.

What exactly is PA6-12T ?

PA6-12T is a plastic material used with conventional plastic processing techniques to produce parts. Notice is to be made that those parts need a certain rigidity, impact resistance as well as capacity to withstand high temperatures.

The material is characterized by its low sensitivity to moisture absorption, enabling it to maintain its mechanical properties in humid conditions.

Thanks to PA612-GB 3800, a new powder, it is possible to 3D print plastic parts that can deliver high performance mechanical properties, even with complex geometrical structures such as fuel circuits or pump bodies.

Such structures are difficult, or impossible to produce with conventional injection techniques.

The impact on the laser sintering market

The truth is, the laser sintering market is dominated by materials intended for fast prototyping.

That’s why, with its mechanical properties, the new powder PA612-GB 3800 can replace machined metal by printing lighter and more effective plastic parts with an optimized design – such as casings, the top parts of motors or ballast systems.

The powder enables then the increasing use of 3D printing for small and medium final parts.

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