The first 3D printing system Roboze Argo 500 was launched in 2017. Over time, the Italian manufacturer has improved the capabilities of this 3D printer and today, the company is proud to announce that the 3D Printer has been acknowledged for its 3D printing capabilities with high temperature and composite polymers when it comes to finished components.

Technical specifications

Over the past 6 months, several companies show their interest in the high-performance polymer 3D printing system.

With a build plate of 500x500x500 mm, the 3D printer ensures a correct adhesion between the parts and the build plate. The system integrates a Vacuum system that offer stability during the printing process of larger parts and guarantees the planarity of the component.

According to the manufacturer, the heated chamber can support temperatures of 180°C and face the deformation phenomena of techno polymers, especially on large-scale size parts.  Furthermore, the HVP Extruder can reach extrusion temperatures up to 550°C and can process high viscosity polymers like Carbon PEEK, PEEK, and Ultem™ AM9085F.

The good news is, these polymers can replace metal alloys and enable the fabrication of functional parts in all kind of applications such as the motorsport, oil&gas, aeronautic and aerospace industries, where high mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance is fundamental.

“Roboze is going through a phase of exponential growth”, states Alessio Lorusso, CEO & Founder. “Our engineering team is working hard to offer the best FFF 3D printers for the realization of finished parts with composite materials and high temperature super polymers, guaranteeing precision and repeatability. The great demand we are receiving for Argo 500 demonstrates the growing interest of the market toward this kind of Production solutions. This year we’re almost sold-out with Argo 500, purchased by some of the biggest global industry leaders in the aerospace, defense and oil&gas sectors. The final goal is offering the best industrial 3D printers through the constant product innovation. The advantages for the end customers are tangible in terms of precision, flexibility, personalization and process accessibility, compared to traditional methods”.

At the beginning of the year, Roboze made a promise: the 500% growth in additive manufacturing. With the current advancements of the company, the company is not only fulfilling its promise but is giving much more to the market. Let’s wait for Formnext 2019 to discover these new innovations.

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