ARGO 500, Roboze’s newest production solution for industrial 3D Printing

Roboze, an Italy-based AM company unveiled its new production solution, ARGO 500 at Formnext.

The 3D printer can print 5 cubic meter metal replacement parts with high viscosity material.

Equipped with the well known and patented Roboze Betless System technology, the production solution can ensure the parts’ repeatability and mechanical tolerances of 25 microns.

It also integrates the Roboze HVP extruders which allow to obtain high temperature materials up to 550° C. Notice is to be made that this type of extruders has already been introduced on Roboze One+400, which is intended to print high viscosity and high temperature materials.

As for the heated chamber, it can reach up to 180° C, and has the capacity to preheat the build volume in an hour leading by this way to a bigger productivity and time saving.


Compared to other solutions, this machine has an automatic filament loading, auto-leveling sensor, end material sensor, material residue sensor in the pre-start printing phase, spool loading insulated system with moisture control and spools positioning in a closed and controlled environment to preserve the material from moisture absorption.

3D printed by ARGO 500

The new ARGO 500 enables our customer to produce metal replacement parts and benefit of unique technology designed on aerospace, motorsport and manufacturing end user needs,” says Alessio Lorusso, Roboze CEO&Founder.The AM market is changing fast, and customers need to found the right answers in the media chaos of recent years. The ARGO 500 has been designed in close contact with the demands and needs of end-users on the market. I firmly believe that this new solution will support and help the innovative companies of today and tomorrow, accelerating the digitization of production processes.


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