Roboze to ensure 500% growth in additive manufacturing with a successful first round of funding

It’s only be three years that Roboze is active in the AM industry and yet the company has positioned itself as a reliable partner across the globe, especially, when it comes to 3D printers for polymers. Indeed, its 3D printers are available in 24 countries and its strategy is a success thanks to resellers and partners worldwide. Today, the manufacturer announced that it has secured its first round of funding, and expects 500% growth for next year.

A rapid growth in the 3D printing sector for polymers  

3M Euro funding, that’s the amount that the company secured thanks to Equiter SPA. This funding will be dedicated to R&D n Southern Italy.

Equiter SPA is an Intesa Sanpaolo Company, CRT and CRC Foundation, selected by EIB (European Investment Bank) for the management of 124 million euros.

So far, the Italian manufacturer has always met its objectives by reporting 100% year over year growth. Its next objective is to ensure 500% growth and increases the number of its employees up to 80.

Enrico Bertoni, general manager of Equiter comments on this new orientation: The investment of the RIF fund, managed by Equiter, in Roboze comes after careful financial and technical analysis that confirmed the company’s potential. It is a market operation, which responds to the intervention logic of private equity, with the objective of accelerating the growth path already started by the Puglia-based company. This investment demonstrates the flexibility and innovation of the financial instruments made available by the European Investment Bank through Miur.”

For now, we can only see positive predictions for the manufacturer’s market. Leading companies of the industry such as General Electric, Airbus, Iveco, and Dallara have already been convinced by its capabilities. It makes no doubt that others will follow this move.

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