A few months ago, we were revealing a few trends to watch in e-commerce: 3D customization, 3D configuration and 3D printing. When shoppers place an order, using a 3D customization interface, they can adapt their order accordingly and receive something that nobody else has. The only thing is that 3D software as well as 3D customization interface are not yet well widespread.

As part of the solutions available to the apparel industry for instance, we recently discovered SAIA 3D V2.0, an improved 3D body model generation recently released by 3DLOOK, a specialist of mobile body scanning technology.

How does it work?

The company aims to collect the largest dataset of human body models and measurements in the world. V2.0 will help online brands and retailers to improve the online shopping experience for their customers, solve fit and sizing problems, increase conversion rates, and lower return rates.

The SaaS platform includes a flexible API, mobile SDK and personal accounts for each client enabling them to create 3D models of their customers, and then analyze data of the 3D models which accurately capture sizing trends, market segments, and analytics about their actual customer. The retailer just needs to sign up, upload two photos and instantly receive measurements and 3D avatars of their customers.

How does the industry improve sizing and fit from a product creation level?

In the same vein, 3D body scanners play a key role in the new apparel industry. They can bring a certain change in the way people experience online shopping.  ALICE 3D full body scanning systems enable to exploit 3D scanned data that can be used for human body measurements and 3D printing.

Other home-use 3D body scanners for consumers include a 3D scanning smart mirror with a connected rotating scale and a mobile app, that allow users to track the changes in their body over time.

For now, the concept is not fully adopted by the mass public which is still willing to experience shopping the old way. Mentalities still have to evolve with regards to these new lifestyles.

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