Readers of 3D Adept, especially of the Opinion of the Week segment, have already certainly read about Twikit, a Belgian company specializes in the customisation of 3D printed products as well as digital products.

Two days ago, the company shared with the public a few trends to watch in e-commerce. It is no surprise that voice shopping, virtual reality and augmented reality are part of the points to watch. Those elements have already proven their capabilities in other industries such as automotive, real estate and even video games. In e-commerce, those functionalities take the experience of consumers to a new level who can buy online with the help of a digital assistant (who can place the order after the consumer had told him what he/she wants), see an augmented representation of the object they want to buy in their environment, or even explore virtual shops and items for sale through virtual reality.

Amazon’s Echo Dot , technology available to everyone

3D configuration and 3D customization address the issue of personalisation and tailor-made products. In this case, consumers can create products that best fit their needs. Imagine a tailor-made door or closet that is well in line with the architecture of your home. Remember the offering of Mini for 3D printed customized car accessories.

As for 3D printing, it is the ideal technology for customized products and a milestone in the future of online shopping. For Twikit, “when shoppers place a custom order, preferably through 3D customization interface, the retailer can use 3D printing to create a customized product that is geared toward the needs of the shopper. In addition to making the lives of shoppers much easier, these trends also help companies save time, money and energy, creating a win-win situation from which everyone can benefit.”

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