Pôle Numérique 3D: a common space, a complete solution around 3D

It is a spirit of unity that draws us today to Liège (Belgium), precisely to the Pôle Numérique 3D. Gathered in a common space, the collective of enterprises specializing in new technologies aims to offer a complete solution in 3D to their present and future customers.

One of the achievements that inspired the creation of the Pôle Numérique 3D is a model of Liège in 1730. The result of a collaboration between three members of the Pole (DO Design Studio, Design Stone and IdeaTo3D), the work of Gustave Ruhl was exhibited in 1906, scanned, redrawn in 3D and moulded into a sculpture before being cut into 200 pieces for the occasion of the anniversary of the University.

Following this collaboration, the group is officially formed and decides to welcome companies that are specialized in their respective sector of activity. To date, it has 9 members:

First, D.O. Design Studio s.c.s., founding member, specializing in computer aided design and high resolution 3D scanning. Olivier Defêche is the founder of this company. It supports the entire design chain.

Design Stone s.a.: the company specializing in CNC machining (all materials) within the marble industry. It is known for its ability to combine both stone and fire to achieve personalized creations.

Then comes Minimoi Belgium. The Swiss company based in Liège has been putting smiles upon the public’s face for a few years now through their body-scanning and printing service.

Then, IdeaTo3D. This Ultimaker representative offers a 3D wire deposit service.

Gecko Company will bring its expertise in environmental 3D laser scanning.

HD4U created, by Fabrice Hamblet and Frederika Dewageneer, adds value to 3D scanning projects through skills in aerial image capture.

RH Medias offers virtual 3D tours within the cluster thanks to their Vision3D service.

Finally, in addition to the 4D Management surveyor’s office, the Pole also hosted B71, a company specializing in video games, virtual reality and augmented reality.

The Pole remains open to welcoming new members if they propose an area of ​​activity that belongs to the 3D sector and is not yet covered by other members.

Olivier Defêche tells us that many projects are underway. Some are made for the Saint Lambert Museum, others in collaboration with the University of Liège#StayTuned


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