Naked Labs, a startup focused on 3D scanning, computer vision, and human-centered design has released a 3D body scanner designed for the home and secured $14M in Series A funding led by Founders Fund other investors.

The home-use 3D body scanner

Shipments have started for customers who pre-ordered. The 3D body scanner for consumers includes a 3D scanning smart mirror with a connected rotating scale and a mobile app, that allow users to track the changes in their body over time.

The flagship product of the San Francisco-based start-up integrates Intel® RealSense™ depth sensors that shape the user’s 3D body model while Naked’s scale rotates them 360 degrees in 15 seconds.

The scan is thereafter sent to the Naked app and shows metrics such as body fat percent, lean mass and fat mass, circumferences, side-by-side comparisons, and graphs of historical data.

Image via Gear Patrol.

Naked Labs believes that every body has a story. Giving people the opportunity to see themselves in an objective, visual way reveals the impact that diet, exercise, and other daily decisions has on the body. Additionally, 3D scans show progress faster than anything else, keeping users motivated and accountable. Democratizing this information — previously available only in gyms and medical facilities — empowers the individual to take control of his or her own body story.”

The investment

The company raised $14M in Series A funding led by Founders Fund, with contributions from NEA, Lumia Capital, Venture 51, Seabed VC, and others. Naked also received personal investment from Founders Fund Partner, Cyan Banister. The round will be used to scale manufacturing, grow the team, and continue development of core IP.


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