3D printing is part of the 10 Tech Trends that will make near-term impacts on business – Discover the others

For most people, there is so much buzz surrounding some technologies that it is often difficult to really determine their true potential for businesses. In order to dissociate reality from hype, CompTIA Emerging Technology Community, an association that advocates information technology ecosystem, has identified 10 Tech trends to watch.

Innovations outlined in 2018 presented an immediate impact on business operations for customers and the potential to create business opportunities for IT channel companies. There are:

  1. Internet of Things
  2. Automation
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
  5. 5G Wireless
  6. 3D Printing
  7. Drones
  8. Biometrics
  9. Blockchain
  10. Quantum Computing
The CompTIA Emerging Technology Community has identified 10 innovations with the greatest potential to make immediate impacts on business operations for organizations and to create business opportunities for technology companies. (CompTIA)

Experts will recognize that in the additive manufacturing industry, some of these technologies are often used together to achieve an innovation. We have seen drones whose parts had been 3D printed; projects that combined AR/VR and 3D printing, Internet of Things and 3D printing and more.

The channel is looking to cut through the consumer hype and build practices around those technologies that provide near-term and profitable extensions to their businesses,” said Jay McBain, principal analyst, global channels, Forrester, and vice chairman of the CompTIA Emerging Technology Community. “These 10 technologies were stack-ranked by partners who are engaging with customers and finding interesting niches in the market.”

The CompTIA Emerging Technology Community is chaired by Michael Haines, director of partner incentive strategy and program design at Microsoft.

Other members of the community’s leadership group are Ted Cole, vice president, partner optimizer relationships, SaaSMAX; Paul Cronin, facilitator of excellence, Cronin Corp. Business Consulting; Suzanne Edwards, CEO, Enlighten; Julia Moiseeva, director, FinTest, Ltd.; and David Tan, chief technology officer and co-founder, CrushBank.

Most important is that, now, the association is working on guidance for organizations on the factors to consider when contemplating which emerging technologies are best for them, whether as a seller of technology solutions or as a consumer of emerging tech. This includes examining the competencies and dependencies that they will need to know before they can properly engage with emerging technologies.

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