Three years ago exactly, OEM Stratasys added three 3D printers to its portfolio: the Stratasys Origin® One 3D printer, the Stratasys H350™ 3D printer, as well as the Stratasys F770™ 3D printer.

Among the three, the Stratasys H350™ 3D printer (part of the H Series™ Production Platform) intrigued by a technology relatively new: the SAF technology which works by deploying industrial-grade print heads to precisely apply a fusing fluid on a powder bed.

Using an infrared lamp to selectively fuse particles layer by layer, the fluid enhances heat absorption of the powder particles to form solid objects. This method supports high-volume production of complex shapes, rendering an efficient and cost-effective way to manufacture end-use parts, without the constraints of traditional manufacturing processes.

Today, the manufacturer announces an upgraded version of this 3D printer: the H350™ printer, Version 1.5 (V.1.5) to expand SAF adoption with additional applications and use cases.

High-definition printing enables tighter tolerances, moving assemblies and a new range of applications for SAF customers,” said Adam Ellis, Corporate Applications Manager, Stratasys. “Bringing HighDef to our customers will help us expand and improve their capabilities and increase their adoption of 3D printing in manufacturing roles.”

This new printer has improved sensors and remote service capabilities, making the printer easier to operate and service. The H350 V1.5 will also come with the new Stratasys HighDef Printing firmware update.

Stratasys’ HighDef Printing will be backwards compatible with previous H350 models and made available to customers at no additional cost.

Customers from industries such as aerospace, automotive, and healthcare can take advantage of SAF thermal control to create applications that require smooth, precise features like gears and mechanisms.

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