The use of 3D printing technology in the manufacturing process of projects already enabled us to discover several types of drones. Remember the Hotwheels Drone Racerz created by the famous maker James Bruton, the floating drone in the space called Int-Ball that enables to eliminate the “photographing time” of the space’s crew, or even Cargocopter, the 3D printed drone dedicated to parcel delivery.

Today, we will talk about Tundra-M, recently unveiled by Hexadrone. It is a customizable drone that can serve professionals of defense and rescue.

The prototype has been manufactured by CRP Technology using Windform® Carbon-composite materials. Hexadrone carried out on the 3D printed functional prototype the tests needed for the completion of the R&D phase as flight tests, assembly/disassembly tests, landing tests. The modular drone has been manufactured for extreme weather conditions thanks to rugged, waterproof design.

As far as technical specificities are concerned, note that the body and the arms have been respectively manufactured with Windform® SP and Windform® XT 2.0. Thanks to those 3D printing materials reinforced by carbon fiber, “the rapidly detachable arms and three quick release attaches make the Tundra-M extremely flexible to meet the needs of any profession, while making operational conditions easier to maintain.

The drone will be showcased at Eurosatory 2018, the exhibition dedicated to defense and security. However, you may already discover in this video, a quick presentation of the machine:

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