James Bruton, known for his amazing 3D printed projects recently showcased giant 3D printed Hotwheels Drone Racerz at London Parade.

The maker already demonstrated his talent via amazing 3D printed projects such as his skateboard made from 3D printed lego pieces and a large 3D printed statue of himself.

The massive scaled-up version of a Hotwheels Drone Racerz toy was made as part of a promotion project for Bladez Toyz, the company he works for.

The design and manufacturing process

With Bladez Toyz’ CAD files for the original Drone Racerz, the maker was able to achieve several different components which include a base cut from plywood (painted with a black sealant), structural aluminum parts, heavy duty 3D printed brackets, and go kart axle stops (for the steering).

He also 3D printed red hubs and corners attached to plywood sides. In addition to hold up the quadcopter top, this part is very important since it integrates the battery of the toy as well as other electronics.

The body of the drone was created from PVC boards. With their 3D printed brackets, a post-processing was required in order to refine the build lines. Last, James used a sticky vinyl to print the Hotwheels decals.

James Bruton makes use of a LulzBot MOARstruder 3D printer and filaments from supplier 3d Filaprint to manufacture the 3D printed parts.

Discover in the video below, how he remotely drove the toy during the parade:


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