Advanced technologies have already demonstrated that it was possible to have an autonomous car, a 3D printed electric car, robots that can jog and jump…so it was a matter of time for scientists to find out how to achieve an autonomous boat that can be 3D printable.

The Roboat project is a collaborative work between CSAIL and the Senseable City Lab at MIT. The two laboratories aim to implement a network of autonomous boats (hence “roboats” for robot and boats) for Amsterdam’s canals. Those roboats should be able to transport peoples or goods. According to experts, they will not require human support to assemble into urban structures including bridges and stages.

A lot of things is being prepared for Amsterdam’s canals. Remember the MX3D 3D printed bridge over Amsterdam’s canal. Just as the steel bridge, the boats will integrate a set of sensors that will collect and send information about their environment.

However, it should be noted that the first prototype of this innovation has been tested in 2017 by the team of Senseable. Today, the improved roboat measures 4 meters long by 2 meters wide. It required 60 hours to 3D print it in 16 parts which were thereafter put together to obtain the whole boat. Information has not been given on the type of material used for the 3D printing.

Lastly, according to experts, this version is definitely more agile and efficient the one of 2017. Other capabilities include the possibility to track its geographical environment, and to follow a predefined path.

So, now we are eager to see these robats operate in Amsterdam. Aren’t you?

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