This partially 3D Printed robot can jog and jump

Its name is Atlas and its creator is the robotics company Boston Dynamics. Atlas is a robot that can jog and jump as shown in the video below.

Some of you will find it very smart, others will find it creepy especially because such type of innovation may suggest that a robot can completely replace the human being (or even lead to his destruction).

If Atlas is very popular on YouTube, it arouses our interest today because most of its parts have been 3D printed.

During a conference in Aachen, Boston Dynamics VP of Engineering Aaron Saunders explained: “The leg was very challenging because there was a lot of stuff integrated into it. Just finding a company to hone an actuator cylinder in a 3D printed material that had never been qualified before is a massive challenge.”

Furthermore, 3D printing has been used to produce the Atlas’ Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) which is in the center of the robot. “It’s approaching a kilowatt per kg of density, it’s pretty scalable,” said Saunders of the HPU,All the homeostasis, sensing, filtration, dump valves, everything we need for the power plant is integrated into a printed part.”

With Atlas, there is a growing sense that human robots are already an integral part of our world.

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