3D scanning integrated into smartphones or 3D software integrated into smartphones increasingly allows 3D Face recognition. The trend is gaining momentum and regulations do not really allow companies specialized in the sector to easily develop their technology.

Image: Fixed Ops Business

SensibleVision, a developer of mobile, AI-based 3D face authentication solutions has criticized Microsoft’s call for government regulation of facial recognition technology. SensibleVision has been working in the digital biometric space for over a dozen years and holds seven issued patents related to this technology.

In a blog post, Microsoft President Brad Smith urged Congress to evaluate the use of facial recognition technology. According to Brad Smith, regulations of products related to medicines and cars are faster and highly regulated than 3D Face recognition. The company is the first tech giant to call for regulations to monitor and manage use of this emerging technology.

Microsoft established an internal committee earlier this year called AI and Ethics in Engineering and Research (AETHER). The group’s mission is to formulate internal policies to respond to specific technology-related issues but to date has not published any guidance regarding facial recognition.

“Why would Smith single out this one technology for external oversight and not all biometrics methods?” asks George Brostoff, CEO and Co-Founder of SensibleVision. “In fact, unlike fingerprints or iris scans, a person’s face is always in view and public. I would suggest it’s the use cases, ownership and storage of biometric data (in industry parlance “templates”) that are critical and should be considered for regulation. Partnerships between private companies and the public sector have always been key to the successful adoption of innovative technologies. We look forward to contributing to this broader discussion.

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