Specialist of facial recognition, SensibleVision offers through its 3DVerify solution, a spoof-proof 3D face recognition solution for mobile devices assisted.

Technologies used to improve the user experience of smartphones are keep evolving. From 3D scanning apps to 3D Face recognition, we wonder what would be the limit of 3D technology.

In September, FaceTec was the first one to announce 3D Face authentication with its software ZoOm SDK.

As far as SensibleVision is concerned, George Brostoff, CEO of the company explains that “3DVerify delivers this capability while supporting the full range of AI hardware – from the latest generation of chips which can handle neural networks easily, to ones with less processor power.”

3DVerify uses AI to rationalize 3D facial images captured at varying angles in all kinds of lighting conditions from bright sunlight to complete darkness. The solution also processes data from over 80 different features on the user’s face, reducing the risk of false positives or false rejections when trying to access a device. Other AI-assisted capabilities include the ability to identify differences in reflectance in order to detect live skin versus latex, plastic or other materials.


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