FaceTec officially unveils ZoOm SDK. The software controls 3D Face Depth, proves liveness and enhances app security on iOS & Android Devices. And to achieve this, no specific 3D cameras is required.

FaceTec’s ZoOm®, the first universal 3D face authentication software solution, is a good solution to the expensive hardware requirements of Apple® iPhone® X. It will lead to the widespread adoption of password-free 3D face authentication.

How does it work?

ZoOm uses TrueLiveness™ technology. With the front-facing camera on any mobile device, the technology can check identity, three-dimensionality and liveness. The software eliminates limitations of biometric software making immediate, secure, password-free authentication possible for all smartphone users.

It identifies users with great performance on the billions of smart devices running iOS 8.3+ and Android 4.3+ already in use globally. They then have a secure alternative to passwords during app login.

The iPhone X doesn’t have a fingerprint reader because Apple knows that a fingerprint only identifies the user, it does not truly authenticate them. For authentication you must verify identity, 3D depth and liveness concurrently,” said Josh Rose, CTO of FaceTec. “While specialized 3D cameras might seek to solve the problem, they will take many years to achieve mass adoption because they are far too expensive. Industries like banking, insurance and healthcare need to improve mobile security today and can’t afford to wait 5-10 years for 3D face camera hardware to become mainstream.

Software is the only realistic way to add biometric security to every smart device in the world,” said Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FaceTec. “While hardware makers will always tout the latest bells and whistles to sell new phones, app publishers have different requirements and universal access is at the top of that list. Apple wants you to think you need a $1000 phone to be secure but, with ZoOm, every smart device can have 3D face authentication. ZoOm enables the deployment of strong biometric security across the entire mobile user base, regardless of the devices customers own.”

The software was showcased for the first time in August 2017. Available in more than 30 languages, ZoOm is FiDO® and iBeta certified and can be configured with False Acceptance Rates (FAR) of 1/50,000 up to 1/1,000,000.

Last, the ZoOm SDK is being offered to all non-profits and educational organizations, startups, developers and small businesses. Only one condition: they should have less than $10 million (USD) in annual revenue.

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