Among the companies that specialize in 3D printed food, Open Meals is the one that really comes with a unique business model: being able to share data files around the world, download them and 3D print sushi wherever we are. At the beginning, the company aimed to diversify the way astronauts eat in space by supplying them food – 3D Printed sushi.

Today, the Japanese company announces it will add a new service to its activities, and this time, those who are living on earth are mostly concerned. The company will open a restaurant called Sushi Singularity in Tokyo in 2020. Based on “biological samples” of the customer, including “saliva, urine, stool”, the restaurant will cook sushi as Open Meals does: using 3D printing and the requirements (understand biological samples) of the customer.

Micro pillar saltwater eel

 The restaurant will be accessible on reservation only. Prior to their dinner, once the reservation is made, guests receive a health test kit by email. Sushi Singularity invites them to mail back a vial of their waste and fluid samples. The “chef” or the “scientist”, given the situation, thereafter analyzes what nutrients the guest needs and sends data to the 3D printer. During the dinner, the nutrients are added to the 3D printed food.

Other ways to cook the sushi include the use of a cell-cultured tuna in a lattice structure, powdered uni hardened with a CO2 laser, and a highly detailed model of a Japanese castle made from flash-frozen squid etc.

Images : courtesy of Open Meals

For Open Meals, Sushi Singularity is “beyond the future of sushi. Sushi will connect people around the world, and will be produced, edited, and shared online in the form of ‘new sushi.’ Sushi combined with biometrics will enable hyper-personalization based on biometric and genomic data.”

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