WASP unveils new patents and a multidisciplinary expertise in 3D printing at Formnext 2021


With Italy as a partner country of Formnext, Italian 3D printer manufacturer WASP has put every effort into making its presence in Frankfurt memorable. With two exhibition booths, WASP has showcased its multidisciplinary expertise through new 3D printers, materials and applications.

In Hall 12.1, we’ve had the possibility to discover the company’s FDM technology and new INDUSTRIAL line: 3MT HDP (HD pellet) and 4070 HDP (HD pellet). 

Designed to process pellets and recycled plastic polymers in granules, in a fast, precise and cost-effective way, the new solutions highlight the capabilities of the HDP extruder that directly prints the granules. Furthermore, feeding of the material has been made simple thanks to a pneumatic continuous system. The material is therefore transported in an intelligent way and controlled by a capacitive sensor.


Visitors in this hall also learned more about WASP’s new patents. The four patents confirm the potential of different technological solutions from the company:

  • The patent pending Firecap system generates a localized hot chamber up to 250 ° directly on the printing area without overheating the mechanics, allowing optimal printingand layer adhesion. The VAC (Vacuum Active Control) system, a vacuum printing plate, which allows the plate to be replaced in a few seconds, ensures the total absence of micro-movements during printing even at high temperatures.
  • The patent for Inline drying of the filament, linked to the 4070TX (PEEK) 3D printer enables the printing of soft materials up to 50 shore A.  The new 3D printer can also print technopolymers such as PEEK in large sizes.
  • The patent of the Zen Extruder featured in the 4070 ZX 3D printer enables to print industrial materials such as PA Carbon.

On its other booth, WASP featured its LDM technology and CLAY line. At the heart of this booth, one could find the 3D printer WASP 40100 INDUSTRIAL CLAY called “the collaborative 3D printer“. The latter extrudes industrial clay and enables the production of prototypes for the automotive industry; prototypes which can be finished by hand and reprinted countless times if necessary.

WASP_40100 Industrial-clay

A paradigm shift in the modelling prototyping process applicable to many other industrial fields. The new WASP 40100 CLAY CONTINUOUS FEEDING machine is another patent designed by WASP to print clay in large format thanks to a continuous material feeding system equipped with a 10l. tank.

Last but not least, the CRANE WASP was really attractive. As a reminder, the building printer was used to build the first housing modules in raw earth and natural materials, called GAIA, TECLA and the recent Dior concept stores in Dubai.

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