Nicholas Unis was still a student when he launched Unis Brands. He chose to 3D print shoes because 3D printing enables customization. Furthermore, “with this process [the] shoes are 100% recyclable, [the] shoes will not end up in a landfill”, explained Nicholas in an interview. Today, the founder launches his line of customizable footwear on Kickstarter, making a step forward in terms of accessibility to the mass public.

Backers will have the choice between two different styles: the U-Straps and U-Slides.

Unis Brands U-Strap and U-Slide shoes feature:

Perfect sizing – Customers provide exact length and width measurements for each foot, ensuring a perfect, customized fit

Design customization – Each shoe has five components that can be customized with solid colors or patterns, including the rubber outside, upper, midsole, cushion, buttons, and even the Unis Brands logo

Flex Fit – Unis Brands uses flexible 3D printing filament, resulting in comfortable and durable footwear

After getting my start in footwear by taking popular sneakers apart, customizing them, putting them back together and then selling them on eBay, I’m excited to announce my first line of sandals on Kickstarter,” said Nicholas Unis, founder and CEO of Unis Brands. “With five different user-customizable areas, and with individually 3D-printed shoes based on each customer’s exact foot measurements, we are creating footwear that is truly one-of-a-kind.”

Discover the full campaign on Kickstarter.

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