3D printing has become a fun practice as much fascination of its endless capabilities are being explored throughout the various industries. For some 3D printing is a hobby, an activity, but for some it is a career. Some have managed to uniquely separate themselves from the rest who manufactures products with the help of 3D printing.

Founder of UnisBrands, Nicholas Unis is currently studying Finance and Accounting all the while working at UnisBrands which he started back in 2015. This company is dedicated to the creation of customizable 3D printed footwear.

Nicholas first dabbled in this affair when he wanted to start customising sneakers which involved ripping shoes apart, changing colors, adding graphics etc.… These shoes would later be sold on eBay with a result of over a million dollars at an auction which was later taken down due to legal issues with Nike. It was at this moment where Nicholas spear headed the idea of creating his own footwear brand.

Nicholas sits down with us and tells us more about his brand, his insights on the 3D printing industry and current developments within the company.


Tell us more about Unisbrands

Imagine a company that can bring your individual style and tastes to life. UnisBrands does just that. We are a company seeking to produce a fully customizable 3D printed shoe from start to finish. As a customer, you would log onto our website unisbrands.com, where you could add the length and width of both your left and right foot for sizing. After you have been sized, you may choose a style and type of shoe. Next you must choose different colors and graphics to apply to your shoe along with any modifications you may want to make. Finally, you choose how you would like the shoe to fit i.e. tight, regular, large, as well as the cushion, light, medium, and high. We will then print the complete shoe at our warehouse and apply any graphics you may have chosen. The customer will receive his/her shoes directly to his/her front door.

Why 3D Printed shoes?

With the capabilities of 3D printed footwear, we enable the consumer to create fully customizable shoes that fit their style and size perfectly. With this process our shoes are 100% recyclable. We will offer a discount program for sending in your old worn UnisBrands shoes to receive a percentage off your next purchase. Our shoes will not end up in a landfill.

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What was your first 3D Printing experience?

My high school had gotten a 3D printer my senior year. My CAD teacher had let me design and print whatever I wanted and I found this technology to be really cool and amazing.

Why the fascination with 3D Printing? Why this interest?

I love technology, design, and business. UnisBrands allows me to indulge in all three aspects. The ability to design an object on the computer and being able to hold it in your hands a few hours later is truly incredible.

This sector is very saturated and becoming more and more saturated with a variety of innovations. How do you perceive the 3D Printing industry?  

I perceive the industry as not even close to peaking. I am aware of the growth and am happy that more and more companies are conforming to the new tech. 3D printing is the future.

Any prospect of development you can share with us?

As a company, we have created our own printer that can print in flexible filament cheaply and at an very high quality.

Your last word?

3D printing is just one layer of the future.

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