TRIDITIVE unveils its Additive Manufacturing Technology at Stanley+ Techstars 2019 accelerator Demo-Day

Triditive’s Opinion of the Week on 3D ADEPT Media raised questions among our readers regarding their technology’s availability on the US market. The Stanley+Techstars program marks the beginning of a long-road in the country of Shakespeare, for the Asturias-based company.

With a $14 billion revenue, Stanley Black & Decker is behind the Techstars program, a three-month intensive acceleration program that supports entrepreneurs through investment, resources and mentorship.

A supporting event named STANLEY + Techstars Accelerator Demo Day 2019, is held as part of this program. It enables participating companies selected to share a unique insight into their core business to a savvy audience. In this edition of the program, 10 companies played the game in front of authorities including Governor Ned Lamont, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin and Stanley Black & Decker CEO Jim Loree, and Triditive was part of them.

AMCELL® at the Demo Day

Mariel Diaz, CEO & co-founder of Triditive, revealed the unicity of their AM technology at the Demo Day. Named AMCELL®, the 3D Printing factory aims to produce metal parts. With its integrated EVAM® software, that enables remote control and automatic production optimization, the system places automation at the heart of its AM workflow, thus ensures minor human intervention.

« We have developed the EVAM Software that enables us to control the traceability of the part, and most important to ensure the control of the industrial system. », Mariel Diaz said in an interview with 3D ADEPT Media.

The company said that the AM system is powered by AMD Technology® (Automated Multimaterial Deposition) similar to MIM (Metal Injection Moulding). The technology promises the production of green parts with all the advantages related to FDM/FFF and mainly related to Binder Jetting processes.

The result is a process with the highest throughput of cost-efficient metal parts. AMCELL® series is composed of compatible modules: 3D Printing module, Quality control and Automatic storage, and customers can configure it depending on their needs, adding as many modules as they need to scale up production capacity”, said the company in a press release.

Triditive still has a long way to go, and luckily for this team of passionate innovators, the Techstars program seems to be a great contribution in the adventure.

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