From moving table to fixed table

Thermwood unveils the first of a new type of additive print and trim system, the LSAM 1010.

The announcement follows the recent launch of the LSAM Additive Printer as well as new improvements to reduce the operator’s need to monitor temperatures during the print process. From the beginning, the developer of large scale additive manufacturing technology had highlighted the lower cost moving table version of LSAM as one of the advantage of its LSAM MT system.

Over time, the manufacturer has been exploring other alternatives with fixed tables hence the high wall system with both a print and trim head mounted on a single gantry that we discover today.

Although with a ten foot by ten foot table (3×3 m), it is a bit smaller than the larger dual gantry flagship LSAM systems, it does require a significantly larger gantry.

LSAM 1010: two major requirements and key specifications

LSAM1010 – images Thermwood

First, let’s note that the result of the LSAM 1010 is the result of the commissioning of another machine from the manufacturer:  the new M400 five axis metal working system. The latter can machine parts up to 35 feet long (1077 cm) and its gantry design is based on the manufacturer’s slot and tab construction technique.

Anyway, the new LSAM 1010 system offers similar features that are found on the larger LSAM systems. They include for instance, the 40mm print head, the five axis trim head as well as the same 5 foot high print and trim capability.

Interestingly,combining both print and trim capabilities – which cannot be used at the same time -, leads to two main requirements for using the machine:

The gantry must be significantly longer to accommodate the width of both heads, while also allowing both heads to cover the entire table [and it] must be significantly stronger to rigidly support both the print and trim head.”


Together, the print and trim heads weigh over 7,000 pounds (3175 kg), resulting in a live load (the parts of the machine that actually move) of over 18,000 pounds (8165 kg).

Don’t let this weight fool you. According to the manufacturer, the system can move at speeds up to almost three feet per second (91 cm/s).  

Key facts to keep in mind:

In general, any company whose size requirements fit the available envelope and where a sequential process production rate (print and then trim) is adequate might find the LSAM 1010 an interesting production candidate.

If you are only looking to print structures with the LSAM 1010, then it is interesting to note that the machine can also be used as a 3D printer only. This might even be more interesting to companies that have the necessary machining capacity, bringing the price down even more.

This is also a good alternative for companies that are looking for relatively large, heavy parts but don’t need trim capability.

The lower price point also makes the LSAM 1010 easier to cost justify for a wider variety of end applications. The LSAM 1010 is part of the LSAM product line which offers the largest selection of large scale additive manufacturing systems available anywhere”, the company concludes.

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