The 5 prints that marked us this week!

It is Friday, we are relaxed, taking a breather and reflecting on what we have seen this week. With a holiday (for some), we can say that the makers have not remained idle. Discover in images our favorites of the week:

-1- OK, we are still hesitating on their name … (La Baie, Quebec)
For some of us, it’s a tree shaped head, for others it’s a tree-shaped flower pot? In short, our names do not really make sense but the print is brilliantly printed. This is the masterpiece of Maxime Loiselle Beaudoin. This printed piece is the very first piece he has made with the use of additive manufacturing. Made with a CR10S, for those who ask the question, he used epoxy for the eyes and a kit of acrylic paint for the finishes. (No info on time and material).

– 2 – . They look like manga characters from “Dragon Ball Z” (France)
With this SLA print, Sylvain Blt left us speechless. Simply magnificent. For about 15h, using a clear peopoly resin and zvat (vat with borosilicate glass), he presented a result that, to put it frank, left us wanting to have the same printer as him. It’s a Moai he uses by the way. – 3 – A joke to his dentist (Texas, USA)
Who does not fear the visit to the dentist? Well, Michael Chicca decided to make it fun and did a GIF for his dentist. Caring isn’t it? We do not really have details on the technical characteristics but the 3D model comes from Cults3D.– 4 – A Beautiful deer (ShenZhen, China)
With a 3D LCD printer, Emma Ma offers a beautiful print that represents a deer family. Really makes you want to venture off into the woods and meet them doesn’t it?– 5 – Super Marios bestfriend again (France)
So we must say that Monthana Redji is one of the makers who makes you smile with his comic prints. It seems like it is a real family that he is trying to create… Let’s talk about technical characteristics: Filament arianeplast PLA, Print> 0,15 – 220 *, Bed: 50 * – Timing: it will be necessary to try yourself to tell us.

If you have any original prints, do not hesitate to share with us in the commentary section!

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