Every week, we discover with amazement the different prints of the amateurs but also the 3D printing professionals. Today, be it beginners, amateurs or professionals, we wanted to congratulate them but especially to make you discover (or rediscover) those pictures that made us smile and their creators.

1 – A deer “without the horns” (Metz, France)

This is the very first print of the maker Simon Vassilieff and he can be very proud of it! A 1/1 scale print in PLA. The animal has been printed with a 3D printer “Sim3d”, required 80kg of formfutura and about 50 days of printing. Bravo Simon!

2 – A 3D printed prosthesis hand for the little Tom (France)

You have certainly already seen a 3D printed prosthesis. This one has been made of plastic but just as someone has pointed out, this smile on Tom’s face makes you realize that it is much more than you give. And it is Brice Adornato who gave this big smile to Tom but also the possibility of using his two arms.

3 – “Mario’s buddy” (France)

Let us introduce to you Mario before going further:

Its creator, Monthana Redji is particularly proud of his 3D printer (We unfortunately do not know which one it is!) That’s why, he decided to 3D print the friend of Mario. Unfortunately, we have no information about the technical characteristics but Mario’s friend has a sad look and we wonder why … Monthana Redji will tell us …

4- The Easter challenge (Pittsburgh, USA)

In addition to eating Easter eggs, some have 3D printed them. The challenge was simple: print as fast as possible; the egg had to be complete without holes or gaps in the top or bottom.

With her FDM 3D printer (HE 3D), Beth Passley made this little egg in 45 minutes. And it looks like a real one! Who can break this record?

5 – Uh, a sort of flag …? (Brussels, Belgium)

Unic-3D said that those who live in Brussels will “recognize it … or not”. The truth is that, we are still looking here … We do not have the technical characteristics but we inserted it here so that you can tell us what it is if you have further info … 😊


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