The 3D Printed Oxygen PEEP Mask from Materialise facilitates breathing for COVID-19 patients

The solution will be brought to hospitals in full compliance with safety regulations.

Following the design file’s release of the Hands-Free Door opener, Materialise brings today another solution which is well in line with the struggles of hospitals: a NIP Connector (non-invasive PEEP).

Put simply, that device turns standard equipment available into a mask to facilitate breathing for Covid-19 patients. How? by creating positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP) to the lungs of patients. This alternative would enable the patient to breathe with using a ventilator.

Produced using 3D printing technologies, the Oxygen PEEP mask enables the medical staff to save time when they are facing a shortage of ventilator supplies. Furthermore, the good news is that, with decades of experience in certified medical 3D printing, the 3D printing giant ensures that the solution will be brought to hospitals in full compliance with safety regulations.

The Belgian company is currently supporting a clinical trial to test the clinical impact of its use on COVID 19 patients and expects first results to be available within the next two weeks.

3D printing is playing a crucial role in fighting the global coronavirus pandemic by making it possible to develop innovative solutions and have them available worldwide very quickly,” said Brigitte De Vet, Vice President of Materialise Medical. “At the same time, it is crucial that the medical products we put on the market are safe and effective. Materialise has decades of experience in certified medical 3D printing which allows us to bring 3D printed devices to the market quickly and safely.”

Once ready, the company’s ISO 13485 certified facilities in Belgium and Plymouth, Michigan and on-site 3D printing facilities of qualified partners will first take in charge the production of the NIP connectors. However, Materialise is looking for partners to get this solution to as many patients as possible.

Indeed, as the company states, given the fact that travel and transport are more and more restricted and speed is of the essence, the ability to manufacture locally becomes more important. In this case, the product can be printed at a Materialise certified facility, or at a hospital that has the capability to do so in a reliable manner.

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