Following its recent announcement in the digital dentistry field, Stratasys is currently involving into a new project: a metal additive manufacturing platform. The platform is intended to become a viable manufacturing technology to disrupt standard manufacturing techniques.

It is no more a secret, 3D printing enables its users to take advantage of a freedom of design, to simplify supply chain or even earn in terms of production costs. However, given the fact that metal 3D printing is one of the sectors with great potential in the industry (global market would reach $12 billion by 2028), a few challenges remain regarding the applications of this type of technology.

Stratasys aims to address these challenges via its new platform. It has been developed internally over the past several years, incorporating the Company’s proprietary jetting technology. The platform was designed from inception to provide the values of additive manufacturing for short-run production, while overcoming material limitations of currently available metal-based additive manufacturing systems.

We are extremely excited to announce our development of this new additive manufacturing platform, targeting short-run production applications for a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, defense, machining, and metal foundries,” said Ilan Levin, Chief Executive Officer of Stratasys. “We believe that this platform will meaningfully expand our addressable markets for the long term and provide our customers with an effective means to realize the values of additive manufacturing for powder metallurgy applications.”

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