Sinterit Lisa SLS Printer has been upgraded

Two months after unveiling Lisa 2, Sinterit has brought some updates to its flagship product. Bigger prints, better hardware and easier maintenance constitute the main changes integrated in the SLS printer.

Indeed, diagonal dimensions of the printing surface are now from 227 to 245 mm. Even though the physical size of the printing bed has remained the same, the fact that the printing head is better heated makes it possible to print larger objects.

As far as prints are concerned, Paweł Szczurek, Sinterit’s CEO, explained that “recent hardware enhancements resulted in better temperature management and boosted the reliability of prints.”

As for the maintenance, the access to the lid and the laser protective glass replacement reduce the time needed to start printing and clean the Lisa afterward.

Such upgrades will definitely result in the rise of the price but for now, the SLS printer is still available at the old price.

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