Sinterit, one of the pioneers of affordable SLS 3D printers, has unveiled its new 3D printer today: Sinterit Lisa 2.

It’s been 4 years that the company provides the market with its first 3D printer. This experience literally involved the use of 3 tons of powder, 20000 prints and much more is certainly still to come but for now, it has led the company to build another 3D printer, and to go beyond the capabilities of its first 3D printer. With the launch of this new 3D printer, Sinterit is definitely keeping its promise to enhance SLS technology.

We were expected another technology as second product of the start-up so why another SLS?

For the company, the reason relies on the price-quality ratio of the technology. “Durable and movable parts, as well as an excellent dimensional accuracy and its mechanical strength make it perfect for functional testing and detailed objects (Min. wall thickness 0.4 [mm] / 0,016 [inch]; Min. detail size 0.1 [mm] / 0,004 [inch]). The desktop SLS machines produce the least expensive per-part cost, thanks to the re-usability of powder and the fact there is no need to waste material on supports.”

printsed with Lisa 2

So, what can you expect with this 3D printer?

With Lisa 2 (nice nickname!), the user can produce larger prints in one piece, up to almost 32 cm / 12,6 [inches]. Thanks to powder sintered by a laser, it is possible to achieve accurate and complex parts without the need for supports.

In addition to an improved hardware and software, this 3Dprinter integrates a nitrogen chamber. The latter feature enables customers to exploit a wide range of materials. Lisa 2 therefore gives the possibility to create an environment inside the printer to get access to new materials. “Printing materials include strong and chemical-resistant plastics Nylon PA12 and flexa black – TPU material for rubber-like applications. With Lisa 2, the company is also introducing new Flexa Grey with better flexibility, and PA11 with superior chemical and temperature resistance. And while the R&D department is busy working on other materials, customers are always free to experiment with materials on their own.

Prints with Lisa 2

The Sinterit Lisa 2 will very soon be available for 11990 euro in Europe ($14900 for US market); the full end-to-end system will cost 13 990 euro for Europe ($17400 for US market). The first deliveries are set for September 2018, with pre-orders already available on Sinterit’s website.

What do you think about Lisa 2?

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