Sharebot debuts its new SLS 3D Printer,the SnowWhite 2

Sharebot has unveiled pricing and specifications of the latest 3D Printer of its portfolio: the SnowWhite 2. The SLS 3D Printer is an upgraded version of the famous SnowWhite SLS 3D Printer.

The Italian 3D Printer manufacturer aims at enabling SMEs to take advantage of laser sintering technology at an affordable price without sacrificing surface quality of the prints. The SnowWhite brings further automation to the workplace of the operator as it does not require any external intervention once the material’s profile is set up.

A wide range of thermoplastic powders including PA 12, PA 11, and TPU can be processed by the SLS 3D Printer. Furthermore, the manufacturer ensures that special loaded powders which integrate particles of other materials such as glass, carbon or aluminum, are also compatible with the device. In addition, only 300 g of materials are required to launch the printing process and the good news is, all remaining powder can be recycled and reused in another printing batch.

Furthermore, as gases in the build environment can have an impact on the final 3D Printed part, Sharebot has added an optional feature that enables to manage the atmosphere inside the printing chamber. This optional feature consists in the installation of oxygen presence sensors that regulate the flow of the inert gas chosen to alter the printing atmosphere. 

Technical specifications

DIMENSIONS1500 X 600 X 520 mm
WEIGHTca. 120 Kg
PRINTING VOLUME100 X 100 X 100 mm
LASERCo2 – 14 Watt
SPEED (Z-AXIS)35 mm/h
SCAN SPEEDup to 3500 mm/s
CONNECTIVITYEthernet- Sharebox

The 3D Printer is already available for commercialization and customers can already request a quote for printing a customized sample in the material of their choice. There is no announcement on any physical (in-person) launch of the 3D Printer.

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