Real-Time 3D Partnership between Unity Technologies & PiXYZ Software

Unity Technologies, known for its creation of real-time 3D development platform, handling over 50% of all the new video games and virtual reality experiences, has recently announced its partnership with company PiXYZ Software. PiXYZ Software is a company that provides the importation and preparation of large CAD data. This partnership benefits customers in a way that provides them in-class solutions to import the CAD data and its optimization of creating real-time experiences in Unity.

Image via PiXYZ Software “YouTube”

Chairman and Founder of PiXYZ Software, Stephane Imbert, states the added benefits for this partnership in his perspective, “Our strategic partnership with Unity will allow us to better serve our mutual customers together – today, and in the future – by delivering the best, most responsive, and most painless solution on the market.

With a combination of PiXYZ Software, Unity Technologies is able to provide enterprise-level offerings called “Unity Industry Bundle. Both companies plan to maintain the integrity of information by means of:

  • Direct import of large CAD, DCC, and other formats into the Unity Editor and runtime
  • Preservation of data integrity (hierarchy, metadata, materials, PMI and more)
  • Fast processing with high-performance algorithms
  • Automated data preparation with presets and Python scripting
  • Best-in-class ressellation providing lightweight meshes with optimized quality
  • Repair and orientation of CAD data and meshes
  • Etc.

Unity Technologies is very well committed to solving the hard needs and wants industries where real-time 3D can be used to bring products to life. Tim McDonough, GM of Unity Technologies explains from his corner that the process of importing and preparing large-scale CAD assemblies is very time consuming and believes that PiXYZ has simplified this process to allow customers to improve their real-time 3D experiences.

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