Metal AM Specialist Optomec has released the new LENS CS 600 and CS 800 Controlled Atmosphere (CA) DED Systems. The new features are added to the company’s Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) Classic System Series and aim to optimize the process build envelope with a minimal system footprint.

The LENS 860 Hybrid Controlled Atmosphere (CA) System, unveiled last year, has a build chamber that enables oxygen and moisture to be maintained below 10 ppm for 3D printing materials such as Titanium. This ability to maintain oxygen and moisture below 10 ppm is common to the LENS CS 600 and CS 800. The latter come standard with controlled atmosphere chambers allowing for processing of both non-reactive and reactive.

Futhermore, they are compatible with Optomec’s LENS deposition head providing higher power laser processing (up to 3 kW), interchangeable print nozzles, and variable spot sizes. Using the DED Process, Omtomec LENS is able to process powdered metals, alloys, ceramics, or composites.

These new systems come packed with next-generation DED components all born from signature Optomec know-how and built to provide affordable, high-quality metal additive manufacturing capabilities for industry’s most demanding requirements,” said Tom Cobbs, Optomec LENS product manager. “The LENS CS 600 and CS 800 systems represent the latest in DED processing from precision deposition to cladding applications and extend our product portfolio to continue to provide high-value metal additive manufacturing solutions.

Lastly, according to the company, a big advantage that enables its system to stand out form the crowd is its ability to add metal to existing parts for repair and coating applications that extend the useful life of components without the need to re-fixture or align the component on a second machine. 

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