Optomec integrates hybrid machining in its new large format and low-cost metal 3D printer

It is probably the first time that a traditional technique is combined with 3D technology in a single 3D printer. Meet the LENS 860 Hybrid Controlled Atmosphere (CA) System, Optomec’s large format metal 3D printer.

The LENS 860 Hybrid Controlled Atmosphere (CA) System

The new machine presents a build volume of 860 x 600 x 610mm and supports laser power, therefore, enables quality metal hybrid manufacturing. Its build chamber enables oxygen and moisture to be maintained below 10 ppm for 3D printing materials such as Titanium. Furthermore, the system can process other non-reactive metals such as Stainless Steel or even Tool Steel Inconel.

The system can be configured with closed loop controls and a high-power 3kW fiber laser, making it ideal for building, repairing or coating mid to large size parts.

Moreover, the 3D printer might definitely raise professionals’ interest due to its milling capacity. Indeed, it might enable machining on a printed part without re-fixturing or aligning the component on a second machine.

The new LENS 860 suite of systems builds on the success of our Machine Tool Series, first launched at IMTS in 2016. These new larger machines continue to demonstrate our ability to transition Optomec production-proven 3D Metal Printing capability onto traditional CNC platforms that match the cost, performance and ease-of-use demands of the traditional machine tool market,” said Mr. Dave Ramahi, Optomec president and CEO. “These products are a key element of our strategy to bring Metal Additive Manufacturing into the industrial mainstream.”

This machine also demonstrates how much it is necessary to combine both traditional techniques and new technologies in manufacturing.

Lastly, according to the company, the metal 3D printer is available at a starting price of under $250,000, which makes the printer affordable compared to others of the same range.

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