OECHSLER has just invested in AM Solutions’ post-processing solution to pursue the volume production of 3D printed components for industries like automotive, household and commercial products and sporting goods.

The company supplies 3D printed parts since 2017 and has invested in industrial 3D printing solutions from HP. For the post-processing stage of the manufacturing process, the manufacturer turned to AM Solutions, the AM brand of German machine manufacturer Rösler that has recently opened a new test center for post processing of 3D printed components.

In the company’s portfolio, OECHSLER chose the S1 post processing solution. Unveiled last year, the system features a new design that complies with ATEX standards. The plug-and-play unit suits the removal of residual powder on plastic components produced on powder-based 3D printing systems.

As a reminder, it is equipped with a swivel-mounted rotary basket for ergonomic loading/unloading that also prevents contamination in the production environment, as well as swivel-mounted blast nozzles that prevent re-contamination of treated parts.  Indeed, for loading and unloading the basket swivels to the large opening in the cabin front but remains completely within the blast chamber.

According to Manuel Laux, Head of AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology “OECHLSER’s experience in series production and the associated post processing requirements again helped [them] fine-tune the machine development.”.

In a joint communication with Rösler, OECHSLER explains that one of the challenges it faced in the production of some components was repeatability. For a product that features lattice (crisscross) structures, it was crucial to get an automated post processing solution to achieve volume production meets the needs of the automotive industry for high quality, consistent processing results.

Matthias Weißkopf, Senior Vice President Global Product & Technology Development at OECHSLER, explains: “Our company had already a long-term relationship with Rösler. When our cooperation partner HP referred us to AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology, we took the opportunity to not only take a look at this new Rösler division, but also study its S1 post processing solution in great detail. After intensive discussions and many test trials with equipment suppliers offering post processing solutions for 3D printed components, we chose AM Solutions as our partner.”

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